the mistake


It was Caitlin's fault her brother disappeared.

All she had to do was watch him for five minutes while Mother tried on the dress. Five minutes. It wasn't unreasonable. She was ten, after all. But he was four and bored and wiggly, and she didn't really mean to but she let go.

She let go.




The empty casket they buried was a lie.

Having spent the last fourteen years chasing Caleb's shadow, Caitlin tends bar at Gehenna and tries to live the life she's supposed to. All the pieces are in place: the sexy DJ boyfriend, the hole-in-the-wall apartment, the future a blank page waiting to be written - but as far as she's concerned, blank it will stay until Caleb is found.


another world


Abducted off the street in broad daylight, Caitlin is taken to a land of aching beauty where the fair of face hide the blackest of hearts and the trees themselves hunger for human blood. For her blood, since there don't seem to be any other humans around - at least not within screaming distance of her gilded cage.




Once the blessed scion of the Bright Court, Caitlin's scarred captor took refuge in the Shadowlands after committing a crime even his treacherous people could not forgive. Only the will of a witch holds his death-curse at bay, and the growing rot poisons his soul as monstrously as it withers his flesh.


twice betrayed


Yrela lost both her lover and her mother the day Faolán brutally murdered the Queen of the Bright Court, and with the crown still warm from her mother's brow she called for her lover's death. Now she rules the Bright Court with an icy fist, utterly untouchable - except by the sword of her adopted son, Caleb.


the choice


Faolán has found the perfect leverage: Caitlin.

The task is simple. Her life for the life of a Queen. Only Caleb hasn't been the boy she knew for a very, very long time, and she is still the girl that let him go.

The time for vengeance has come.