the gift


Fifteen years after their bloody introduction to society that leveled Las Vegas and left hundreds of thousands dead, psychically gifted espers remain segregated from humanity. In Ashen City, that means life behind the walls of Echo Sector, where hope is rationed to its starving inhabitants with a tighter fist than the food.


alexandra romero


Born with the ability to connect minds through touch, Lex relives the memories of crime victims to give voice to the stories they cannot tell. Her work for the police department earned Lex the dubious privilege of living outside the Sector walls, but with no illusions left about human nature, she remains on the periphery of society. Lex prefers the company of Gentleman Jack to most other callers, not that they’re knocking down her door these days.


the message


They sit on the corner of her desk, half a dozen blossoms the deep red of cherry hearts. The roses are a message but not the one you'd think, their significance buried in the hole in Lex's memory where the last week should've been.

The killer begins his work quietly. The first murders aren't, at least not to the police; the apparent suicides of long-broken souls, blood lubricating the gears of the City that grind inexorably on.


killian fuaráin


After a savage attack leaves a girl he was sworn to protect in a coma, Killian glimpses enough of the truth to realize that the keystone to this puzzle is Lex. The unflinching Irishman carries secrets of his own, but nothing is going to stop him from spilling the blood of those responsible - even if it's Lex herself.

Together they hunt a monster that kills with his victims' own hands, and neither knows whether the primal heat between them will spell destruction or salvation.